Opera and Cowboy boots

In this post I am going to share a few tips on what to do if you do set your kitchen on fire as well as how to avoid burning down your kitchen. And if you do set fire to your kitchen here are some tips I hope you remember.

I wish that I could tell you that every time I make something it turns out perfectly. Every dough rises, every steak is cooked to perfection, and every mess cleans itself up. I like to tell you that but I can’t. If I did I would be a liar, liar pants on fire. Or in this case, kitchen on fire.

I was going to write about how to make chimichunga. Something that I have made countless times to great success. A messy success but still a success. Tiny bites of meat and cheese are added put into a tortilla, wrapped up tightly and then put into a pan of hot oil to become a crunchy, cheesy chimichunga. Instead I lit the kitchen on fire. And the sad thing is (besides a burnt stove top) is that this was completely avoidable.

You see, normally I use a large, deep pot for frying. So things like burning up the kitchen are completely avoidable. But my pot was missing, and rather than hunt it down I decided to be lazy and just use what I had on hand. A much smaller pan that I knew darn well would give me grief BECAUSE IT WAS TO SMALL!

What resulted in my laziness was nothing short of catastrophic. The filling got out of the tortillas, making the oil boil over which led to the stove top catching on fire which lead to me flinging baking soda all over the stove and floor trying to put it out. Not to mention the smoke alarm going off and the smell of burnt everything invading the house.

When my husband walked in and saw the mess he asked “What happened to your larger pan?” I haughtily ¬†told him that I did not need a bigger pan to make chimmies and being the smart man that he is he just looked at the mess and walked away with out saying another word.

After cleaning everything up, dealing with oil that now had to go into the trash, switching out the stove pans, and airing out the house I actually spent more time dealing with the after math of my poor choice then had I just hunted down my pan in the first place. So I offer the following suggestions on how not to set fire to your kitchen.

  1. Cook with the right equipment. Use the right size pan, especially when dealing with hot oil.
  2. Keep the oil under control, if the chimmies would have been in the right amount of oil, something that covered them completely which would have sealed them they meat and cheese would not have been able to leak out and cause the oil to splatter and pop everywhere.
  3. If a fire does break out, DON’T PANIC!!
  4. AND DO NOT ADD WATER! In a Kitchen fire water can actually cause the fire to explode into a huge fireball. Use baking soda instead.
  5. Once the fire it out, turnoff the heat then clean everything up.