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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

June 10, 2017 0 Comments

Wondering what to get the Dad in your life for Father’s Day? This gift is the perfect is for any Dad or Grandad in your life.

When it comes to the men in my life I have a hard time shopping for them. Every time Father’s Day rolls around I am in a panic trying to find the perfect gift.  Usually, I panic and grab the first thing I see.  My husband and father in law then have to act happy with ever that item is. Just so you know they are terrible actors, but they do try.

There was the year I bought a new rope for my husband. His was worn out from branding so I went to the tack store and got him a new one. Turns out that the rope was for a child, not a full grown man. The movie I gave my Father-in-law, the same one that all three of my sister-in-laws gave him. All 4 movies are still in their wrapping. The snack box I assembled and put in their work trucks? The box they were packed in was unable to live up to the hype. Bits of snack mix are still being found under the seats to this day.

I finally found the perfect gift for my Dad’s after a trip to the store. After handing my husband the razors he had asked for and told him to use them sparingly because I was not spending that amount on his razors again. Honestly, you would think those things were gold plated with how much the cost.

Enter Dollar Shave Club to save the day as well as my husbands face.

I found Dollar Shave Club after doing an internet search for the best inexpensive razors. I will confess I was really skeptical about the whole thing. The company promises to send quality razors once a month for as little as a buck. Or more if you choose a razor with more blades. Really? $1.00 for razors that are going to give a good shave. So I thought why not and signed my husband up for the $9.00 plan.

Well, let me tell you they live up the promise. So much in fact that we have been using Dollar Shave Club for two years and hope they never go out of business. Four blades with a handle cost $9.00. That’s a new razor each week. Which works out to be 2.25 per razor. Versus the 5.00 per razor that we had been paying.

My husband loves the shave he gets from the razors and so do I. I even ordered my own kit only to have it disappear when my husband gave it to one of the cowboys to try. The cowboy loved it, I was a little ticked off at having my razor swiped.  They also have an amazing Shave Butter that my husband loves as well as body wash and aftershave.

Now please don’t think that I am being paid for this post. Dollar Shave Club has no idea who I am. I am just passing along and honest review of the product so you can sign your dad or whoever for the service. They deliver, no more going to the store and having a good cry after paying for the overpriced razors. They even let you cancel or skip a month without any hassle.

So quit stressing about that to get this Father’s Day and get Dollar Shave Club. They will love it, I promise.