Opera and Cowboy boots

About me

Yes, I really do live on a real, operational cattle ranch. And yes, I have no idea what I am doing. Thank heavens my husband does!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lynn and I live on a cattle ranch in Arizona with my two children, my husband, dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and a whole lot of cows. I love baking, cooking, making sure our money is behaving and trying to understand the ranching world. I would like to think that after 15 years of being a ranchers wife I have learned a lot about ranching, but have to admit my kids know more about cows and horses than I do.

The short version of how I wound up on a ranch

I grew up in a military family along the west coast. Name a big city on the west coast and I most likely lived there at some part in my life. My husband and i met in college got married and moved to Mexico, where he was born, after graduation. Not a big city in Mexico either, a very, very small village with more cows than people. After several years and two children later we moved back to Arizona and started a cattle ranch in the Sonora Desert.

Why a blog

Honestly? We have no neighbors and the cows never seem impressed when I go on about how yummy the cookies was that  I made, or how I managed to keep our grocery bill down for the third week in a row. You’d think with all the attention they were getting they would be a little more chatty but all they do it stare and chew their cud. Kinda like my kids. So i hope you will stick around and learn all about ranching, cooking, budgeting and this crazy ranch family.

 Do I really like Opera?

In a word. Yes, I really do like opera and classical music. I am a classically trained pianist and once sang with a choir with the idea of becoming an opera singer. When I discovered that I have a fear of performing in  public any dreams of performing on stage vanished. These days I perform in my car with only my children as my audience. Now does my husband enjoy classical/opera music? In a word, NO. He enjoys classic country so we have to compromise when we are on car trips. Which usually means an audio book.

Do I really like to cook?

Yes! Just about as much as I like to eat. Finding meals that are easy as well as are enjoyably for my family is something that I love to do. Most of the meals I cook are easy to prepare but are still hearty enough to keep everyone going as they work on the ranch. I was a pastry chef for a few years before I was married and love making all sorts of baked goods. The only hard part is not eating all of the baked goods before my family gets home from riding all day.

Do I really like to budget?

Yes, love it. I grew up with a large family and not a lot of money so all of my sisters and i learned how to take care of our money from a very young age. Even after I was married, I am still the one who tells our money where to go each month. Living on a ranch means our income is sporadic and is based on the current cattle market and we need to be able to provide for our family even if the market is not performing well or is something were to happen to our ranch where is was not able to produce like it has been. Being able to budget has helped my family pay off not only our own personal debt of 56,000.00. It has also helped us pay down the mortgage on our ranch as well. Budgeting is also something that I teach my children so when they leave home they can be in control of their money and advoid debt.